Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Again, let me explain - I do not agree with almost everything that Lil says. She's a sweet little lady, but her mind is more than a bit warped. I told her to continue posting and I'll continue laughing AT her. Not WITH her.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

smile pretty Mr. Prez

Did you notice the nice little photo-op that George W set up for himself? There was your "president" with the little basketball player from Rochester. What a load of crap.

Now I'll grant you the story on the kid with autism throwing up a bundle of points was heartwarming. A nice feel-good story. But for George W to hone in on that was a shameless attempt to make Americans forget about the mess he's made for our country.

Bring back President Clinton!!!


Saturday, March 11, 2006

New "Controversial Contributor" to my blogsite

Well, my good friend Lillian has asked if she could contribute to my blogsite. She actually asked me shortly after I first told her of the Coach's Clinic. I was able to quickly change the subject the first few times she asked.

Finally she cornered me. Feeling trapped, I agreed.

But, dear readers - I just want to warn you. Lil and I do not see eye-to-eye politically. In fact while I lean heavily to the right, Lil is off the charts to the left.

Against my better judgment, I will not censor her. Read her. Comment on her posts. Argue with her. Laugh at her. I'll do all the above myself.

You've been warned. God help us all.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gasch-O-Rena update

Every year when Gaming Weekend approaches, I like to send out updates to the Gamers on the Snow Factor on the Gasch-O-Rena. (The Gasch-O-Rena is the Official Outdoor Basketball Court of the GW Games. Annually it is the site of the Official H-O-R-S-E Games of Gaming Weekends. We have a little tradition too that while dressed in our basketball garb for said games, we are also to wear nice dress socks. Why? I dunno. It's just a tradition, that's all.)

So, with me and the help of my trusty snow shovel, I'm happy to report that as of today (just 15 days before GW12 commences), the Gasch-O-Rena is 98% clear of snow!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

GW12: Top Ten Off-Limits topics of Conversation

  1. MPB. (Male Pattern Baldness.) 'Nuff said.
  2. Rebounding. Look – even if you have the most rebounds on the team, doesn’t make you the best rebounder. This still hurts some Gamers; let’s just leave it alone.
  3. “Running” Marathons.
  4. Fantasy Football Championships. Ok, I’m the only one of the Gamers to have won a 3FL Championship. But, for the sake of those that have come close (dally) and for those that never will (rollin, kirky); I will refrain from speaking on the subject. (Note: 28 points in a 32-minute high school basketball game is still allowed, however!)
  5. Graying. This is Gaming Weekend. Not Graying Weekend. (Though every year, they look more and more alike.)
  6. Marital Status. kirky, just ‘cause the rest of us are married, you can keep your snide remarks to yourself.
  7. Weight issues. What’s so funny about a guy’s weight problems anyhow?! I Officially Ban this topic from all future GWs forever.
  8. Conversations about wallyball can take place. Unless you mention neff’s name in that same conversation.
  9. Class Salutatorian. Sorry timmy – the rest of the group wasn’t smart enough to attain such lofty status in their classes. You and I better just leave the topic alone.
  10. GW Championships. Look dally – this is all about friendship, and camaraderie and just having fun together. It’s not about winning and losing. Unless I win of course; then it is about winning and losing.

Still Stirring...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Blessed Weekend!

Mrs. Coach and I have been richly blessed.

Allow me, if you will, to take this opportunity to briefly boast about my children...

Friday afternoon, I picked up the mail. Included in the mail was a packet with the results of my eldest's (Luke's) ACT scores which he had taken four weeks earlier. Now, both sons are very smart and I expected him to do quite well. I just didn't realize quite how well he had done. As I quickly scanned through the results, the sides of my lips slowly curled upwards. My heart jumped with joy. My brain was saying "Incredible Luke!" Yet, I also thought I must be reading it wrong. I scanned some more, but the results remained the same. Luke scored a 31 on his ACT Test!!! I am so proud of him!

This (Sunday) morning in church, my youngest was baptized. Jake is 14. We are now going to Cornerstone United Methodist Church and have been for the last eight or so years. But I was raised in the Mennonite Church in Fairview Michigan and as such I believe that baptism shouldn't be performed as a baby, but at an age where you understand what you are doing and truly are making a public proclamation of your faith. Today was that day for Jake. I am so proud of him!

Mrs. Coach and I have been richly blessed.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Ronnie's Funny Vegas Story. Volume 1.

You want hilarity? Ronnie the V has your hilarity right here! Now, dig this…

Ronnie Vegas had just moved to Vegas Town in the spring of ’99. That fall, Ronnie organized for some of his friends to come out for a long weekend visit. R.V was already doing gigs, but was successful enough in just several months, that he could take off for a long weekend.

So, October of ’99 rolls around. Ronnie’s pals come out to pay a visit. Lon, Kirk, Dally all came in from Grand Rapids. Rollin (yep – that’s his real name, really) flew in from Indiana. Clark came in from LA.

Now keep in mind that Ronnie and his friends all grew up together in a small town in northern Michigan. Small? Did the V-Man say small? Let’s just say that of all the families that lived in that town, we were some of them.

So anyhow, here’s the way this story plays out as Ronnie remembers it:

We are to meet in New York, New York in the casino area. Now with the success Ronnie had been enjoying in just five short months, he really hadn’t had much free time to see the City and all she had to offer. So Ronnie didn’t know if just finding each other in the casino would be easy, but hey – Ronnie was up to the challenge, no problem. Mostly Ronnie was concerned for his friends Kirk and Dally whom still live in small town USA. (Now mind you, Ronnie did NOT call his friends “small-town hicks”, but only for fear that they might read this……assuming they can read. Ha!) Also in reading this story, you must keep in mind that Ronnie, Lon, Kirk, Dally, and Rollin (nickname is Rolly, really) had been getting together at least once a year to keep in touch, but none of us had seen LA Clark in a long, long time. (This is important to the hilarity of the story.)

Ok, as RV was saying, we’re meeting in NY NY. When Ronnie got there in the early afternoon on Saturday, Clark from LA was already in the casino. The Clarkster was playing Caribbean Stud, a game Ronnie was unfamiliar with. We greeted each other and shook hands. Clark continued to play as we talked and Ronnie watched him play (i.e. lose). Before long, Lon, Kirk and Dally came walking up to where Clark was playing and Ronnie was watching. Again, we all greeted each other, Clark shook hands with the other three while continuing to sit and play the game.

So now Ronnie Vegas, Lon, Kirk, Dally are standing and chatting together with LA Clark whom is still playing his game. Probably within 30 minutes, Rolly comes waltzing up to the table. Ok, now stay with Ronnie on this one… Immediately upon seeing Rolly, LA Clark stands up from his table, and greets him with a hearty handshake and seems to be especially excited to see him. (Reminded me a bit of one of Ronnie’s overzealous fans at a Rio show he had worked a few days earlier.) Ronnie doesn't get it - why was the Clarkmeister so anxious to see Rolly, but not the rest of us? Weird, but it makes the story...

Now, catch this – this is the Golden part of the story: As LA Clark stood up to greet Rolly, he missed his next bet at the table. And that next hand – that very next hand – the unknown guy that was sitting to LA Clarks left says, “Hey look at this – Thanks for getting up – I just got a straight flush! Boy, this would have been your hand!”

Of course the pit boss and various other Casino Suits converged and paid out this stranger a tidy sum. The bonus for the straight flush at that time paid out over $4,400! Even with all the brilliant lights flashing throughout the casino floor, Ronnie could see all the blood drain out of Clark’s face as it transformed from an LA-tanned bronze to a ghostly white. To Clark’s credit, he did not take a swing at Rolly. With all the Casino Suits around, he was also unable to get a clear shot at the stranger.

To this day, The Ron-Man, Lon, Kirk, and Dally have a good laugh about Rolly costing LA Clark some $4400 by coming in when he did. LA Clark still ain't laughing.